Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping.  My philosophy.

I am a huge fan of ideal natural and fluffy eyebrows!

I offer a unique eyebrow shaping spa-procedure in Frankfurt. Thanks to my training with one of the leading eyebrow artists in Moscow I know all the secrets how to sculpt your eyebrows to perfection.

ο I begin the eyebrows shaping procedure by cleansing the skin and apply hydrogel eyepatches.  This way after the procedure you will benefit not only from perfect eyebrows but also from fresh-looking skin under your eyes.

ο Afterwards I draw your individual eyebrow shape based on your facial proportions.  So you shouldn’t worry about your new eyebrow shape- it would suit you in all cases!

ο Next I apply professional face oil so that the procedure would be painless and the strain on your skin would be minimal which in turn reduces the risk of getting wrinkles in the future.

ο I use only the best wax which is available on the market today.  It is designed specifically for facial hair removal and as such it would not pull your skin and cause unpleasant effects.

ο After shaping the eyebrow I apply a harmless and non-toxic eyebrow tint as your skin around the eye requires special care. I don’t use henna, as it might cause allergic reactions on a sensitive skin and heavy unnatural look. The dye I am using colours even the tiniest hairs which in turn makes your eyebrows appear fluffy and modern looking.

ο After completing the procedure I apply a soothing Aloe Vera-gel and give you a sample of the gel as a gift.