I offer exclusive services to my clients, including airbrush makeup, where foundation is dispersed evenly in order to achieve an ideal finish with a “Photoshop effect”. The makeup is applied in the form of an extremely fine mist which creates a thin light layer which is barely noticeable. In the contemporary makeup scene, airbrush makeup has become a preferred option for bridal makeup due to its long lasting properties and flawless appearance.

I always do a trial makeup and hair session with my brides-to-be, spending as much time as needed in order to ensure that the looks are perfect. After the trial my clients know exactly how they would look like on their wedding day. In my work I always use professional-grade cosmetics and dedicate particular attention to skin care and its preparation for makeup.

Your hair benefits from the same level of attention as your skin- I use the best hair products available thus protecting it from damage and ensuring its natural look.